Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Strange New World

It was just over an hour ago that Zev Senesca woke, feeling sore, his mind in a daze.  The last thing he remembered was flying his T-47 Snowspeeder and harpooning an AT-AT attacking the Rebel base on the ice planet Hoth.

Soon after waking, Zev heard some rustling nearby, and the unmistakable 'shnuffling' of a tauntaun. A solitary, riderless beast then came into view, wearing a saddle and bridle. "If I got here, and one of the Rebel Officer's tauntaun's got here also, who else got here with us?" Zev wondered, as he came to the realization that he certainly was no longer on planet Hoth!

After calming the scared Tauntaun, he hid his new companion in a ring of thick, young, green stalks, and started to scout. "Wow, this terrain is impossible to walk through" he thought, as he stepped out of the ring for a look around, surveying the strange, new world.

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  1. Why did this blog stop? I want to see more Zev!!!!!