Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Zev Finds Rebel Allies

After travelling for what seemed like many long days, Zev was growing exhausted and tired. There was plenty of food and water, as even some of the newer forms ofvegetation he encountered was evidently nutritious, and seemingly quite tasty, at least to his tauntaun. Zev on the other hand found it passable, but reminded him mostly of cabbage and brussel sprouts...

Day in, day out they travelled, not aimlessly, nor with any real purpose, just exploring this mysterious land, and the strange vegetation. It was nothing like any planet he had ever seen, in all his travels and adventures as a rebel officer.  Then they came to a circle of dirt surrounded by tall plants covered in leaves.  Inside the circle was an odd veichle piloted by rebels!  they welcomed him as a friend, happy to know there were others. 

They let him onto their mobile base to get to their main base.  On the trip the one that looked like Zev told him that his name was steve and the other one was dave.